Five Tips for Staying Productive

shutterstock_294489926We all have our good and bad days when it comes to being productive at work. On our worst days, productivity is elusive as we are pulled in a million different directions. On our best days, we feel like we can conquer the world. As behavioral health and social service providers, you know well the challenges of accomplishing your to-do list. We each have different work styles too which can make it more difficult for you to determine the best ways to stay productive.
Here at SageSurfer we have the same productivity challenges as you do. And our employees are great at staying productive so we asked them to share their advice. Here are their five tips.

Have a Plan

When you have a project plan your time is spent more wisely, you stay motivated and more effectively complete your tasks. Discovering project requirements up front and developing a good understanding of the problem you are solving for will minimize figuring things out as you go along and the starts and stops in your work.

Know Your Stuff

When employees are well trained their input is more valuable. It was mentioned repeatedly by our staff that when your skills are up-to-date you produce better work and contribute at a higher level. Learning helps professionals across any industry excel and staying current on best practices is a must to get ahead in your career.

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing

Once you have successfully completed a project, documenting your processes makes it easier for you and your co-workers to manage or make improvements to the work. Documentation, either by files or group discussion, also facilitates sharing your knowledge and expertise. This type of collaboration is the lifeblood of an organization.

Have Fun and Be Happy

Fast Company reports happy employees are 12% more productivity. Everyone needs to recharge and have some fun, and one way to do this is to set aside time to enjoy the company of your co-workers. Organizing a weekend BBQ or attending a sporting event after work is a great way to blow off some steam and enhance team building. Also taking a short break during the work day by playing a game or having lunch with colleagues keeps you motivated and energized. These practices create a more positive and productive work environment.

Limit Time on Social Media

We all love Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter for keeping in touch with family, reading the news, networking, and many times social media is just a part of our jobs. But when you spend lots of time on social media looking at cute animal videos or catching up on gossip, it eats away at your productivity. Like the saying goes, everything in moderation and the same applies to using social media too.

These tips are just a starting point for staying productive at work and we know so much more goes into client care. That’s why we have taken our personal and work experiences, along with consumer and provider feedback, to design our platform to engage consumers as active participants in their treatment and to create workflow efficiencies for provider teams. Our platform goes beyond basic project management and captures the informal communications of everyday life. It’s the little things, like productivity tips and the nuances of day-to-day activities which make a big difference.

Author: Kristin Battista-Frazee

Marketing consultant, writer and social worker.

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