SageSurfer Featured on TBD Solutions Webinar — Technology’s Role in Orchestrating Crisis Care

Orchestrating Care Coordination in Crisis Services Webinar(2)

Technology has the power to help providers orchestrate a better response to clients in crisis or to avert a crisis altogether. But it can be hard to determine how to leverage digital tools to enhance your crisis programs and help you “make beautiful music,” in delivering crisis care.

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Consumer Engagement in a High Tech World

istock_000004595951_mediumThere’s a greater urgency for payers and behavioral health providers to place consumers at the center of treatment to deliver better care and reduce costs. Providers are an essential part of the healthcare system and in the midst of preparing for changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Technology is also a big part of healthcare services and implemented as a cutting-edge treatment and to coordinate and track services. How behavioral health providers adopt technology in the future to engage consumers will have a great impact on treatment effectiveness.

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